Founded in 1994, Artica Ingeniería e Innovación (artica+i) is today a benchmark firm in value Engineering and Consulting services for companies of the Food Chain and related with high sanitary standards.
Our work ainus to help companies and organizations turn ideas into projects, processes or services that improve their competitiveness in a sustainable way



Integrative Project Management for the whole factory (new or existing)


Improving efficiency on manufacturing and intralogistic Processes

Innovation Consultancy

Improving processes and products


I. Greater profitability in the Project, which is reflected in the following points

  • CAPEX optimization, due to:
    • A global and comprehensive vision of the entire investment, which allows reducing the total budget.
    • By designing the building and its service facilities with high quality solutions but with a cost always proportional to the benefits obtained.
    • By projecting future production expansions in the long term through a Master Plan, we will avoid costly renovations to the building and facilities built in the first phase.
  • Optimized OPEX, supported in several arguments:
    • Layout that allows optimal flows for merchandise and personnel.
    • Design of facilities with high energy efficiency, which is also designed globally, making the most of climatic conditions and renewable energy.
    • We carry out profitability and cost studies that model the economic functioning of the industrial plant before building it.


II. Reduction of risks associated with the Project

Thanks to the coordination between the different parts of the investment (processes and equipment, building and facilities), throughout all stages of the Project, it is possible to reduce and limit risks in the 3 main variables of any investment (budget, term and quality).

  • Reduction of deviations in CAPEX, from the conceptual project to execution, and the bidding and contract and supplier management methodology.
  • Reduction of deviations in Project deadlines and calendar.
  • Minimize quality problems in the final result:
    • Ensure coherence in the design of the different parts and, especially, between the equipment of the production process, the building and the service facilities.
    • Less quality deviations between what was projected, what was contracted and what was actually achieved.
    • Ensure compliance with health regulations, which allows obtaining international accreditations: USDA, IFS, BRC, ISO…
    • Ensure compliance with local and international regulations, both related to the activity (environmental…) and to the building and facilities itself (construction, fire safety…).
    • Ensure coherence and technological compatibility between the different information- IT systems (SCADA, MES, WMS, ERP…).


III. Other important benefits

  • To grow in a flexible and scheduled manner, without the need to undo what has already been executed. This advantage is supported on long-term project design (Master Plan), optimized for different future scenarios.
  • Possibility of virtualizing the entire building in 3D before building it: this allows you to choose the most appropriate aesthetics and functionality before giving the green light to the project.
  • Our methodology ensure to adapt our conceptual design to the local regulations and availability of materials in the country (Algeria), since the General Project (B1) is adjusted through the Executive Project (B2), and this adjustment is supervised by artica+i.
  • We provide support in different international financing tools.
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